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This is public demo, using the same data for all demo users, you should not go production on this demo account, just try it to have the feeling of the softswitch before buying the hosted service

1. Install software and documentation


There is two versions of VOS3000, you can choose one of them. All are standard and provide almost things for your business, higher version is not needed and may contain many blackdoors to take it downed.

To download management tool, click here  for version, click here for version

Save the file Vos3000-client2120.exe or Vos3000-client2124.exe  to your hard disk, then run it to setup program, once you are done, you should see the link "VOS3000" or "VOS3000" in StartMenu -> Program Files, open it and input the your account to login and use it as management tool for your softswitch activities.

To download UserGuide manual, click here 
Save the file Vos3000-useguide.pdf to your hard disk, open it with PDF reader program, then you can apply documents for your settings with your softswitch.

2. Run the software
Once you installed the software into your windows PC, open the software

Input demo account with username=demo, password=demo, server ip = demo.vos3000hosting.com for version and server ip = for version then press button Login


Note: If you got error "Verification Timeout", you should check your windows firewall or antivirus firewall on your pc that can block the program accessing the network and turn it off.  Please also make sure Product version or

You should see the management control panel

Client interface, where end-user can check call logs, payments...


3. How to use
The software is very useful for wholesale termination, our price is very cheap and we have support for our members to create configuration for origination/termination in buying and selling telecom minutes.

The demo users try the software himself via documentation given.

For your quick try and test, we have wholesale minutes configuration sample video by step by step. You can follow up for first test passing traffic via VOS3000 softswitch. Click Here for video demo

4. How to buy

We provide dedicated server with switch pre-installed. Customer's data is run backup daily if it is requested. The server is unmanaged or semi-managed depending on customer's decision. if cutsomer has own server, we can provide switch service by request.

For longtime business, we provide you the valuable service, not work for a day. To buy the hosted service, just make payments, and we will follow up the request, send you the account information, then you can log in to use and change to your new password. If you have questions, just communicate with us via contact center. Thank you.

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Skype/Live ID: info_7914

Reseller & affiliate

Become our affiliate/reseller/sale-agent to get good commission for services purchased from customers. Contact us via Skype/MSN for detail.


I love VOS3000 hosting service, my wholesale minute business is more valuable, system handle calls very well. The soft-switch is stable, even my customers send thousand of channels. In addition, network is real tier-1 directly, the quality of voice is great and the ACD value of my calls are improved higher. My customer is happy since i use VOS3000 hosting service here.
by Andrew Chan, from VoiceTek LLC.

Our clients

SipVoice ltd (US), CallsNow LLC (Nigeria), NettelDirect Inc (Brazil), VoiceTerm LLC (China)...
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